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New Engine Wetdown

Sunday, November 2, 2014   On Sunday, November 2nd 2014 the Rotterdam Fire District #3 and the Carman Fire Department hosted a Traditional Wet Down for the New 2014 Sutphen Monarch Pumper that was recently put into service.

The Engine spent a total of 5 years in planning and design, over 1,000 man hours were poured into meetings and inspections. The committee comprised of:

John Nuzback (Current Chief)

John Fitzpatrick

Joe VanderWerker (Past Chief)

Scott DeHart

Scott Sloan (Past Chief)  

Dave Galka (Past Chief)


The District and Department would also like to thank Veronica Toronto for providing the artwork on the back of the engine, the committee opened up the design competition to the public and picked what they felt was the best option for the art work, and Veronica did a fantastic job and is a local resident of the district.

On Sunday a few traditions were held as in a Hand over of the Key from the Board of Fire Commissioners to the Chief, Small Ceremony, Pushing the New Engine into the Bay for the first time, and the standard joke from our Master of Ceremony  Past Chief John A Nuzback.

That was followed by our Mutual Aid Companies spraying water on the New Engine which is a tradition that dates back to the 1800’s when horse drawn engines were cooled down as they backed into the station and their wheels washed off of debris. 

Special Thanks to – Rotterdam Dist #2, Fort Hunter Fire Department, Plotterkill Fire Department, and Stanford Heights Fire Department. 


Entire Group, Thanks Mutual Aid!

Entire Group, Thanks Mutual Aid!



Saturday, November 1, 2014  The Carman Fire Department would like to remind everyone that tonight when you change your clocks behind 1 hour to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. 



New Engine 131 Delivered!

Friday, September 5, 2014   On Friday September 5, 2014 the New Engine 131, a 2014 Sutphen Custom Pumper on a Monarch Chassis, was delivered to the Carman Fire Department. The New Engine will replace an aging 1986 Pierce Arrow Engine which has served the District Tax Payers for almost 30 years! The New Engine will be the first due to all Fire Calls within the Rotterdam Fire District #3 jurisdiction and allow our volunteers to safely and efficiently handle emergency calls. On behalf of the Fire Commissioners and the Members of the Carman Fire Department we would like to thank our Tax Payers for allowing us to purchase this New Engine. Once training is complete the New Engine will be placed in service, be on the lookout for it within the District as our members get trained on it!

Please come visit us and see the new engine at our Open House on September 27th from 10am to 3pm! 



House off on Mercer Ave

Wednesday, August 20, 2014   On Early Wednesday Morning, the Carman Fire Department was alerted to a House on Fire on Mercer Ave. On initial dispatch, the dispatcher advised responding units that officers had a “glow” in the area and multiple calls were made. Chief 139 arrived to find a 2 ½ story wood frame house with the second floor fully involved. Immediately Rotterdam Fire Dist. #2, Fort Hunter Fire Department, and Sanford Heights Fire Department were requested for mutual aid, Engine 131 arrived within minutes of the call and attempted to utilize the deck gun to dampen the fire down. While the second crew from the Engine deployed the 2 ½ line to the rear. Truck 132 arrived with mutual aid units to pull additional lines to get a handle on the fire and established a primary water supply. Access was very difficult due to a Long Windy Driveway and the set back of the house, Truck 10 (Stanford Heights) had to hit another hydrant and lay in as well for secondary water supply. Once crew put the bulk of the fire out, entry was made via ladders to mop up for hot spots and look for extension.

Crews spent a few hours on scene during the early morning.

Units on Scene – Engine 131, Truck 132, Rescue 134, Car 139, Car 138, Car 137, Truck 10, Engine 123, Engine 36. 



Truck to Dist 2

Friday, August 15, 2014  Around 9pm on Thursday Night the Carman Fire Department was requested by Rotterdam Fire District 2 for a Mutual House Fire. Truck 132 responded within minutes of the call with a crew of 6 volunteers led Sergeant Purdy.  Truck 132 arrived on Cindy Crest Drive to take the address directly behind the first due Engine. Upon arrival the C/D corner had heavy fire and was impinging on the residence next door. The Truck crew split and sent a 2 man team up in the bucket to perform ventilation and a 2 man team stretched two hand lines to protect the exposures. Truck 132 chauffer quickly established a water supply with Engine 121, while the crews set up their handlines and operations. Once the Aerial was set up they horizontally ventilated and began master stream operations per command. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down, the Truck Crew then opened up the roof on the B Side to access some hot spots.

The Truck Crew was on scene for approximately 3 hours.

Units on Scene – Truck 132, Car 139, Car 138, Car 137 and Car 136



New Engine Update

Friday, July 25, 2014   This Past week Members of the Carman Fire Department and the Rotterdam Fire District #3 Commissioners performed an Inspection of the New Engine 131 currently in production at the Sutphen East Facility in White Lake, NY.

The New Sutphen Engine is a Custom Pumper on a Monarch Chassis and should be delivered within a few months. This visit the Inspection crew saw a lot of progress with the Body Installed on the Chassis.

Delivery Date will be sometime in August/September. 



Truck to Niskayuna House Fire

Thursday, July 17, 2014   On Thursday Morning, approximately at 6:30am, Carman Fire Department was alerted for a Mutual Aid Call with Stanford Heights Fire Department for a House Fire on Buckingham Drive in Niskayuna. Carman FD was originally put on standby however once members arrived at the Firehouse they were quickly moved up to the scene. Truck 132 and Chief 139 went en-route and arrived within minutes of the request, while at the scene the “all out” order was given and Niskayuna Truck 405 opened up with Aerial Pipe. Once Truck 405 shut down the Carman Crew (including Chief 139) were assigned Fire Attack and made their way to the second floor to put out the rest of the fire. They searched, opened up walls, and put the remaining fire out that the Aerial Pipe couldn’t reach. The crews operated on scene for approximately 2 hours and cleared once the fire was “under control”.

Fire is under investigation by the Schenectady County Fire Investigator.


Units on Scene – Truck 132, Car 139



Pole Fire

Sunday, July 6, 2014 18:00  The Carman fire Department was dispatched around 1800 for a pole fire on chism st , on arival by Car-138 we had a fully involved pole fire.

Units: Car-138, Car-137, Engine-131, Engine- 133 and Utility-136 



2014 Firefighter 1 Graduation

Tuesday, July 1, 2014  Congratulations to all graduates including Carman Fire Department members:

Anthony Tibaldi

Martin Schilling 

Nelly Quinones 

Nelly and Chief John G. Nuzback

Nelly and Chief John G. Nuzback

Members of the Carman Fire Dept. and the New York State Fire Instuctors.

Members of the Carman Fire Dept. and the
      New York State Fire Instuctors.


New Carman EMT

Tuesday, May 20, 2014   This past week Sgt John McCoy Passed the New York State Emergency Medical Technician Course and Test.

Congratulations from your fellow Officers and the Members of the Carman Fire Department! 



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